Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Brand421 detergent work? -- It is a odor fighter so as such it concentrates on the elements within cannabis that cause the odor. The smell of a Cannabis is a specific odor so we concentrated on a specific solution.

  2. Can Brand421 work in a (HE) washer? -- Yes, it's low suds (very close to no suds) so it should work in your high efficiency washer just fine!

  3. When you said No Odor you really meant it.. I don't smell anything? --  Yes, it's surprising to a lot of people. Think of it this way if we are taking odors out why would we put a odor in. There's a hint (hint hint) of lemon fragrance but we didn't want to take any chances. We aren't in the perfume business we are in the odor removal business.

  4. Is Brand421 only online as I don't see it at my smoke/vape shop? -- We are building our vendor relationships one shop at a time. We want to be where you actually go not in places we think you will go. We are solving a specific problem so we don't desire to be everywhere just where you need us to be.

  5. Will Brand421 work on other odors? --  YES, in fact if you somehow stumble and fall into a pile of cannabis you can put a packet in a bucket with your clothes and leave it... the next day the odor will be gone! To answer your main question Brand421 handles grease, organic matter and a host of other soiled compositions.

  6. Is that packet enough for a load? --  Yes, and you'll be surprised that you probably can do what you need with half of the pack. Depending on how small or big the load is will determine how much is needed. We measured enough for 1 medium to heavy load but if you are only washing a shirt and pants you won't need the whole packet.

  7. How did you come up with Brand421? -- We are all from California specifically from L.A and San Francisco. With that being said we are used to the issues Cannabis causes those who smoke and those who are their friends. We literally want to "Get the Weed Out" and really just said the laundry detergent is a starting point. Cannabis sticks to you so we thought how do we get it out

  8. I heard of 420 but what is 421? --  Most of us know what happens on 420 so we thought what do you need to do after 420....421! The day after tomorrow, the weekend after, the morning after and really just after a session!

  9. How is Brand421 better than any other detergent? -- You may not know but the other detergents aren't really getting rid of odors, they are masking them. When the average person thinks of clean they are smelling the perfume of the detergent instead of actually being clean. When you wash your clothes with Brand421 you'll see what clean looks like, feels like and smells like. Brand421 rinses so clean it actually will help to remove the other detergents residue out of your washing machine.

  10. What else you got? -- We are in the lab working on our next offering so please like our Facebook page and IG page @421Brand. We will update you through social media and via email for those who already purchased Brand421.

Feel free to send any comments, compliments, reviews and the like to Info@Brand421.com


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