Brand421® Live Your Life!

Brand421® is a powerful laundry detergent for those with the highest standards for cleanliness and odor removal.


It's all here, no laundry boosters, just one detergent to handle all of your malodorous needs! After Sport, After Play and even just for Kicks Brand421® will take care of it!

Low Suds

Brand421® as a detergent keeps the suds low so the odor fighters can do their job. We aren't in the business of looking like it's working we're in the business of making sure it works.

One Shot

Brand421® is a heavy duty detergent. That means it is specifically designed for heavily soiled and heavily malodorous garments. You won't need a lot to get a lot done!

Light Lemon Scent

A invigorating, zesty, uplifting hint of lemon is all that was added.

Low Perfume

Brand421® .... We don't want to replace an odor we want to get rid of the odor. Your clothes won't smell like us you'll smell like you!

Rinses Clean

Unlike other detergents that leave a residue Brand421® does it's job and leaves your clothes free of odors, your machine free of residue and both free of Brand421®!

Brand421® Products

BRAND421® initial offering is our Cannabis Odor Fighting Laundry Detergent. It has been specifically designed to rid your clothes of dank malodorous smells. Our mission is to take the awkwardness out and put the confidence in... your life and we're starting with your clothes.

1 Pack

$3 $5
Free S&H

4 Packs

$10 $12
Free S&H

8 Packs

$20 $24
Free S&H

Brand421® Testimonials

We gave Brand421® Laundry Detergent to the experts in the field to try it out. Here is what they say.

Sora Sugoi

Smoke Shop Owner

“I know it's for Cannabis but it works for any odor. I use it for any clothing that will not get rid of the smell."

Eric Marshall

Cannabis Connoisseur

“This is mindblowing, you guys made an amazing product. I'm walking around looking thinking about what you guys should come up with next."

Jessica Mende

Dispensary Worker

"Finally! Finally! Finally! for someone like me I come home smelling like Cannabis everyday."

The Difference

They don't remove odors they replace odors. Brand421® is specifically designed to remove the odor causing compounds that remain on your clothes from Cannabis. Low perfume, Low suds and a hint of lemon is all that's in Brand421® the rest is all Cannabis Odor Killer!.


Add Brand421® to your washer before you add the clothes. Allow it to fully dilute in the water which insures maximum effectiveness..

Heavy Malodorous clothing add Brand421® to your washer & put it on delicate cycle before adding clothes. The longer Brand421® gets to sit in your clothes the more effective..

More to Come

Brand421® Laundry Detergent is our intial offering. Our mission is to "Get the Weed Out" and allow you to live your life more freely. Stay tuned to our blog and our Facebook @421Brand. We are just getting started and we have a whole lineup in R&D!


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